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Julien Allaire vous accueille pour des consultations de naturopahie et d'iridologie à Paris et Marseille.
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Hygiène Alimentaire : Maigrir avec une alimentation équilibrée

EDI Tech Corner: Understanding Social Media Marketing (Part 1)

They say “Facebook is for the people you used to know, LinkedIn is for the people you know now, and Twitter is for the people you want to know“.  The essence of this statement gives you an idea of how best to use these networks for Social Media Marketing. This white label SEO agent can help you to improve your site traffic and also your sales by using Search Engine Optimization as a marketing technique. But before you can use these networks within a Social Media Marketing Initiative, you must first understand how they work, then find the right combination of these new media tools that will help you tailor your message to your audience. In later posts in this series, we’ll delve into the specific social media marketing...